A full service artist management and music marketing company located in The Netherlands, which focusses mainly on the electronic dance music scene. The company owns several music brands, including Bass House Music and Future's Finest. This is also one of the reasons Valiance Agency is founded, to provide artists promotion and marketing through online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and many other social media.


Kromstraat 19
5554 NE Valkenswaard
The Netherlands
CoC#: 68435899


While forming our artist roster, we're always looking for musical talent that have potential to grow artistically and as a performer. The artist roster currently holds the names of Robin Hustin and Dirty Palm. After helping Robin with his marketing and PR, he decided to team up with Valiance Agency resulting him to be the first signee on the artist roster. Soon Dirty Palm decided to join forces within the team as well. The vision is growing our artists together, as a team. 


Currently we are in charge of our artist's worldwide bookings. We are always looking for opportunities in partnering up with territory specific bookers. If you are interested in this, please contact us through the contact page.


Valiance Agency has been partnering with big influencers in the music industry for over two years, building a strong relationship between the online music promoter and the artist. Our specialities include YouTube promotion, Spotify promotion and marketing strategies for labels and artists. We've been consulting some of the top firms within the music industry and have worked for several big clients who are satisfied with our work. If you want to read more about our services, please take a look on the Marketing & PR page.